QAuditor is a cloud-hosted responsive web application designed to help companies manage any type of audits, surveys, questionnaires, assessments such as OSA, POS, process parameters, DockAudit, 5S, Employees performance, PCP, Kamishibai, LPA, safety, etc, among others in an easy and simple way. Our real-time measurables dashboard is powerful and customizable per client, in addition to having complaint management, vendor certificates and a supplier portal/scorecard.

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Highlight features

System advantages

Offline Work

Access to answer audits without internet connection.

Evidence Photos

Take photos with your mobile device to add evidence.

Easy Follow Up

Available on any device.

App for mobile devices

Work offline with your device.

perspective phone

Work Faster


Strongly customizable checklists

Generate questionnaires in a configurable way.

Customize specialized checklists for each task that needs to be done within your work areas using images, documents, and all kinds of responses. The system allows you to configure the mandatory fields during the audit as well as add different types of fields to request at the beginning or at the end of it. You can configure different types of instructions to perform the audit with elements such as links and/or reference images. The questions can be divided into sections and select different types of answers for each of them as well as format the text to make it more understandable, visual aids can be added for each of the questions, as well as request additional fields based on the answer of the same, you could customize each answer identifying if evidence is required or apply a task for it.

Follow-up of corrective actions.

Visualization of tasks and their progress in real time.

You will be able to monitor in real time all the tasks, findings or non-conformities that are generated through the audits, with an easily manageable dashboard Each task can indicate progress, attach evidence, receive notifications by mail if the estimated date is late or close to being fulfilled.


Business intelligence charts.

Visual support for decision making and monitoring.

The system has a series of customizable graphs to see the compliance of audits and questions, the tasks generated, as well as the status of each one of them, the main failures the score trend or a parameter, etc. All these graphs can be viewed for different periods of time and the information is calculated in real time and exportable to Excel.


Assessment validation

Double check your audits if desired.

The system has the option of activating different levels of validation so that the same audit can be verified by more than one person.

Highly powerful reports

Option to create your own custom reports.

You can configure under certain parameters a series of reports to view the captured information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

We offer an option to request a demo for a 30 days trial without any cost. Please go to our request a demo section and fill out the form, we will be glad to assist you.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

You can recover your password by entering on the log in page and clicking on the forgot your password section and providing your user ID.

What support do you offer?

We are very proud of our pesonalized and responsive support 24/7, via telephone, email and chat. You may also find quick guides stored direclty in the system.


Download Anywhere

Available to download on Android and iOS devices

*Works on Android Kitkat and above

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